Friday, February 3, 2012

BATMAN! The 1940s Serials Explored! Live-Action Golden Age DC Comics!

So, you think the 1966 BATMAN TV series was the first time rabid fans got to glimpse a live-action Batman? Think again! There were two titanic live-action Saturday-morning Bat-serials made, back in the "Golden Age" of the 1940s! Though starring two different sets of actors as the Dynamic Duo, each production was similar in composition and feel, as the Bat-team tore thru thugs, henchmen, explosions, spies, saboteurs, and death traps, in a mind-bending blur! Not much for realism, these short chapters can not be matched for excitement! Dig this SCREEN THRILLS ILLUSTRATED article, detailing these super serials! Keep in mind that this early taste of Batmania was published in 1963, fully 3 years before the debut of the aforementioned BATMAN TV sensation! On that note, take special notice of the cryptic last lines of the article! Click to enlarge, film-fans!

You can tell the later costumers for the 1966 BATMAN TV series took
their cues from the Dynamic Duo's live-action serial costume

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Don Hudson said...

I think you can tell how screwy the Batman series was at the time, when it shared a cover with Huntz Hall and Leo Gorcey.