Thursday, February 9, 2012

Add-A-Patch Update! Superman! Batman and Robin! Rare 1973 DC Comics Patches!

Recall this familiar ad (below), from the Add-A-Patch Emblem Company, that ran in DC Comic books around 1973? 

The patches advertised were sold only thru mail-order, and today are very rare and hard to find, even online! But, thanks to the fantastic Batcave Trophy Room site, here are the little-seen Batman and Robin patches! BONUS! You get to see the also-rare "World's Finest" patch, with Superman and Batman rocking it together!

I had both (as well as most of the patches you see in the ad), but they've been long lost since I proudly paraded these emblems on the back of my navy-blue jacket (see pic below), in New Jersey, circa 1973!

  I still, somehow, managed to hold on to the Riddler and Catwoman patches (click here), but the rest of the Bat-cast is now only a memory.  Gotta love these lo-res (but colorful) interpretations of that great Silver Age Carmine Infantino art! Now you can say your life is complete, patch-patriots! Click to enlarge!

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Mondo said...

Incredible - I one of Batman running at you, but not in a white box - just the stand alone figure. I had it sewn on to a pair of jeans