Saturday, January 21, 2012

Vince Colletta! THOR #152 Cover Art! 1968 Marvel Comics Greatness!

Some folks simply do not like the inking of Vince Colletta. They say it's rushed, sparse, thin, and never does the underlying penciller full justice. Not so! Stare at this fantastic cover art, to the front of THOR #152, and make your decision! Vince truly took his time here, inking over the powerful pencils of Jack Kirby, with tons of delicate feathering, shading, and texture! Take a glazed gander at the sheen of the villain's hair! The rough-hewn surface of the rocks and rubble! The folds on Thor's rumpled cape! Sure, Vince could work loose and fast, a valuable skill in those more deadline-centered days, but he did put lots of true artistic effort into many stories and covers, such as this one! Read more about the merits of Colletta's inking here! Click to enlarge, Asgardian!

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Seth Smith said...

Definitely one of the best Colletta covers. Seems like just a few years ago you wouldn't have been able to post such praise for Vinnie without some deluded fanboy hunting you down.