Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Teen Magazines Get SMASHed! Monkees! TIGER BEAT! 16 MAGAZINE! The Real Story!

Even more goodness from mid-70s issues of SMASH magazine! Dig this exploration of the ignoble inner workings of the teen mags of the day! Sure, many of these publications are still around (16 MAGAZINE, etc.), but this article hails from the day when such pulp periodicals represented a publishing empire, with as much behind-the-scenes cutthroat competition as any other media! Many of the players discussed in the piece (like the late Gloria Staversgo back to the Beatles days, but it seems things were getting more competitive and heavy during this period of the Osmonds and the PARTRIDGE FAMILY! Kinda sounds like SMASH was a little jealous of these mag mavens, huh?  Click to enrage!

Compare the once-shocking goings-on in these 70s magazines, to the "tabloid media" we all live with today!

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