Thursday, January 12, 2012

SUPERMAN 2! 1981 STARLOG Review and Article! Chris Reeve! DC Comics!

Salary disputes! Unlawful movie piracy! Lawsuits! Am I talking about a current Hollywood headache? Nope! It's 1981's SUPERMAN 2! Read the entire sordid tale, in this interesting article from STARLOG magazine! Read about the original plans for this and SUPERMAN-THE MOVIE (A campy approach? A six-hour film?)! Wonder about what was cut from this sensational super-sequel! Ponder as to what exactly "PG love making" really is! Click to enlarge!

You needed a scorecard to keep
up with the many writers, directors, and producers
attached to the SUPERMAN films!

Note how the sales success of DC Comics' WORLD OF KRYPTON
      mini-series lead to the onslaught of the mini-series
       format in comics in the early 80s and beyond!

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