Friday, January 20, 2012

SUPERMAN! 1953 George Reeves TV GUIDE Pics and Article! DC Comics!

We've all seen the famous cover. We know it's one of the most valuable TV GUIDE issues among collectors. But, have you ever seen the inside of the famed ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN issue? Let's look in, as we peek behind the scenes at the special effects (such as they were in the 50s), actors, stage hands, and secrets of this fondly-recalled series! It's amazing to think of how little the producers had to work with, in those early days of television, yet what an exciting and popular show they came up with! Click to enlarge!

Note the pic of producer (and story editor) Whit Ellsworth, who came directly from a
DC Comics editorial position to helm the TV series in California!

It's a shame that Reeves didn't live to see that he did indeed carve
a prestigious place for himself in entertainment history.

Above: Here's a nice 1987 overview of the show
(from VARIETY), published at a time the series was
being re-discovered as a Nick-At-Nite feature!

Above: A 1956 newspaper interview, with Whit Ellsworth,
about the 2nd season of the SUPERMAN show! Thanks
to Steven Thompson for this one!

Above: Dig this rare 1961 advertisement (directed to TV station programmers),
touting the series' availability as a purchased syndicated program! Thanks to
Fred Grandinetti for sending this in!

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