Sunday, January 8, 2012

Super Special Sunday 70s SPIDER-MAN Strip! The END of the Kingpin? 1977 Marvel Magic!

This is it, Spidey fans! The one thing that could halt the monstrous Kingpin! What could it be? It's the love of his long-time wife, Vanessa, and the idea of her falling prey to Kingpin's own violent machinations! Pathos, drama, and danger, as only the master comic creators, Stan Lee and John Romita Sr. could serve it up! Click to enlarge this 1977 newspaper-strip masterwork!


Don Hudson said...

At one point in the 80s', Romita would give away his daily strips to friends and co-workers. Sadly, I missed out, but I really enjoy your posts!

Al Bigley said...


Glad to have you aboard!

Feel free to provide any info on JRSR you want to!

I know you were one of the 80s "Romita's Raiders," no?


Don Hudson said...

Hey there Al! Love your blog!

Yes, I was a 'Raider' way back when and you can see a list them when you follow this link.
It was the best learning experience being in the bullpen then!