Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Spidey gets SMASHed! Green Goblin! Doc Ock! Kraven! More 1975 Marvel Marching!

More mid-70s sensations from SMASH magazine! This time, it's all about the ever-amazing Spider-Man, and his colorful cast of cavorting crooked creeps! Dig the devious Dr. Octopus! Gaze at the grotesque Green Goblin! Cower in the company of corrupt Kraven! Most of all, dig that terrific Silver and Bronze Age art by Steve Ditko, John Romita, Sr., and Ross Andru! Click to enlarge!

In the 70s, before comic shops and the internet, kids LOVED
having the "inside facts" on a character's origin, in
addition to seeing early art and covers!

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