Monday, January 9, 2012

SPIDER-MAN Index Cover Art! Ron Frenz and John Romita Sr.! 1985 Marvel Greatness!

Does it get any better than this?! Here is the original art for the riotous wrap-around cover to the AMAZING SPIDER-MAN index #4, from 1985! Pencilled by the terrific (and tragically under-utilized) Ron Frenz, with inks by (who else?) John Romita Sr.! Do I need to go on about the impeccable inking, the shading and texture, the drama, the composition and coloring (dig the subtle tones except for Spidey, who's emboldened by the overhead spotlight)? I just did! Plus--almost every darned Spidey villain is pictured! This was sorta one last gasp of artistic greatness before the "dark years" of Todd McFarlane and the "Image onslaught!" Click to enlarge and enjoy!

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