Friday, January 6, 2012

SPIDER-MAN #184! Original 1978 Ross Andru Comic Art! Marvel Comics!

This one is a real rarity, front-facers! Original art of any kind by Ross Andru is difficult to come by, let alone cover art from his long run on AMAZING SPIDER-MAN! Ross drew the book (and many covers) starting around 1973, 'till his departure (for DC Comics, and a stint as art director and cover artist) in 1978! Coming at the near end of Andru's days as Spidey's powerful penciller, this cover is a terrific example of what made his era great! Ross had a way with dynamic anatomy and staging, but also backgrounds, as he used copious amounts of real life reference to make Spider-Man's urban setting seem all the more realistic! This cover image, inked by Bob McLeod, also includes some interesting use of shading film, adding more depth and drama to an already indelible scene! Why the "Marvel's TV Sensation" blurb on the cover? This is the reason! Click to enlarge!

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