Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Oddball Marvel Merchandise! IRON MAN Cookie Cutters? HULK Spatulas?

Is there anything Marvel won't take money for? I've yet to find it! Dig these nutty new items (all festooned with fabby Silver and Bronze Age images, natch) that utilize our favorite superhero sweeties in some--er--unique ways! How about some cookies, made to resemble the heads of Iron Man, Spidey, Hulk, and Captain America? At least they look darned nifty! How about, the next time you have to flip your hot waffle or fizzlin' flapjack, you reach for this spectacular spatula and use the Hulk's head to do your heavy lifting? After that hardy breakfast, pack for your trip to the booby hatch, using your mighty Marvel travel case, decked out with some classic covers, front, back, and inside! Check out that lining! Speaking of that, Marvel continues to line their prodigious pockets, accepting licensing fees from any and all comers! Click to enlarge!

Just a wee bit disturbing, huh?

Classic comic art by John Romita Sr.,
Jack Kirby, and--George Tuska?

Al Bigley himself sets out to
demonstrate all the uses of these
amazing spatulas!
Classic art by the usual gang, plus
John Byrne, Johh Buscema, Herb Trimpe,
Marie Severin, and others!

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