Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Marvel "Stamp" Posters! Classic Art! FANTASTIC FOUR! SPIDER-WOMAN!

Take a look at these panic-inducing pics, snapped at a local collectibles store! They're large (around 13 by 20 inch) framed, expensive (around 50 clams each) posters, featuring classic Marvel art from the 60s and 70s! Awesome art by Jack Kirby! Marie Severin! John Romita Sr.! While not part of any official Postal Service release, these posters sure make for some darned pleasing eye-candy for any Silver or Bronze Age comic fan! Just more goodies in a long line of Marvel superhero-stamp related merchandise! Click to enlarge!


Richard Guion said...

Love the Fantastic Four poster!

Rick said...

Al, Glad to have you back!