Thursday, January 19, 2012

Jim Aparo Draws--The Monkees?! Rare 1967 Original Comic Art! Davy Jones!

What's this? The work of Jim Aparo, one of DC Comics' greatest artistic talents? The man who worked for over a decade on the famed Batman team-up book, THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD (among so many other comics faves)? Jim Aparo, drawing a strip starring the Monkees?! Yes! Done in 1967, for Charlton comics (where Jim first plied his trade on such comics as THE PHANTOM), this strip features the TV power-pop band, in some well-drawn caricatures by Jim! Note how the script (written by his soon-to-be partner on DC's AQUAMAN comic, Steve Skeates) works in the titles to dozens of Monkees songs, too! This was probably done for GO-GO COMICS (and the "Miss Bikini Luv" feature within), a whimsical book Jim drew for during this period, before being snapped over to DC, in the wake of Charlton editor-in-chief Dick Giordano making his move for DC! Click to enlarge!

UPDATE! Thanks to the great Jim Aparo fan, MW Gallaher, its been revealed that the Monkees art was not done for the GO-GO book, but for another pop-related title by Charlton! Read more about it (and see even more Monkees comic art by Aparo) at this fantastic site!


M W Gallaher said...

These weren't from Go-Go, they were from a music magazine that Charlton published called "Teen Tunes". I've posted scans of all three of the Monkees installments (from Jim Aparo's personal file copies, which he loaned to me in 1992)
at the Jim Aparo Fanclub blog .

Al Bigley said...



Let me know if it's OK with you, and I'll amend the post, complete with a link to your wonderful page!



M W Gallaher said...

Quite all right with me, Al!