Saturday, January 28, 2012

THE HULK TV Series! Bill Bixby: "We See The Virgin in Ourselves Through Lou Ferrigno!" 1979 TV GUIDE Article! Marvel!

Another great find from TV GUIDE! In this mid-1979 article, the late (and great) actor Bill Bixby talks about the INCREDIBLE HULK TV series, and his concerns as it rolls into its 3rd season! Bill talks about his co-star, Lou Ferrigno (the "Hulk" personified), as well as his earlier career, his relationship with producer Ken Johnson, and so much more! Read about Bixby hand-delivering autographs to local fans! Even though the show veered heavily from its comics origins, Johnson and company did create a dramatic and exciting show, remembered fondly, even decades later! Click to enlarge!

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A very interesting article! I wait new article about the Hulk tv show ;)