Monday, January 23, 2012

THE FLASH! 1990 CBS TV Show! Rare Pics and Article! DC Comics!

Here's a terrific article on the short-lived (but well-loved) TV show, THE FLASH! Based on DC Comics' long-running (heh) comics series about a super-fast superhero speedster, this production was a valiant attempt to bring the character to life in an exciting and colorful show! Green-lit after the mega-success of the 1989 BATMAN film, the FLASH show even skewed close to the overall look and feel of the Caped Crusader's silver screen outing! Below, from a 1990 issue of STARLOG, read about the behind-the-scenes planning, writing for the series, costume designing and manufacturing, and the actors' methods and feelings on the series! Read about how the producers strained to make the show very different from the 1966 BATMAN series, and how the Flash almost ended up as a "guy in a gray sweatsuit!" Click to enlarge!

I always thought the large, muscle-laden FLASH outfit, while quite well-made, made the character
look a bit too heavy and bulky, as opposed to unencumbered and sleek!

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