Monday, January 30, 2012

Dave Cockrum X-MEN Original Comic Art! 7-11 Slurpee Cup! Marvel!

Here is some well-remembered X-MEN artwork by "dynamite" Dave Cockrum (from the collection of Dave Mandell)! Drawn in 1976, at a time when the "new" X-Men were truly new, Dave included the older team, and their riotous reactions to the new upstarts (including a runty little under-achiever named Wolverine)! Not only did this piece of sterling art appear as a filler illo in RAMPAGING HULK #2, but it was used on a 1977 7-11 "Slurpee" cup! More recently, you could see it festooning a "Toon Tumbler," a well-made sturdy glass, suitable for display! You can't keep a great image hidden for long! This artwork helped introduce tons of newer 70s Marvel readers to the already-expanding X-MEN legacy! Click to enlarge!

Notice someone missing? Dave drew NightCrawler separately, so he could be placed
elsewhere in the lengthy article in the HULK magazine! Note his inclusion on
the glass below!

The 1977 7-11 "Slurpee" wrap-
around cup!
The recently-produced "Toon Tumbler" X-MEN glass!


Don Hudson said...

I love that Cockrum art!

James Robert Smith said...

Nice! I used to have a couple of sets of all of those glasses and cups.