Tuesday, January 24, 2012

DAREDEVIL #89! 1972 Sal Buscema Original Cover Art! Electro Strikes! Marvel!

Another great one from the "Phase Two" period at Marvel! Gaze upon this simply sensational Sal Buscema art for the front of DAREDEVIL #89! DD's really up against it, with not one, but two of his most hated foes zooming in for the kill! Long-time Spider-man foe, Electro, is even gunning for the blind, brave, battling bruiser! Click to enlarge, True Believer!

Take note on how the composition forces your eyes to the center of the scene,
and the struggling figure of Daredevil!


Don Hudson said...

That was a great time in the Daredevil series! Bob Brown art! Bi-Monthly as well! My favorite!

Al Bigley said...

LOVED the Bob Brown/Klaus Jansen issues, too! Those "Copperhead" issues from '75 were amazing!


mmaillot said...

Did you see the original art cover somewhere in a comicartfan gallery ?
The left leg was redrawn by John Romita and you can see the original one. For one time I do agree with this modification, it's really better.
One of the best cover, inside art was always by Colan and Palmer a few issue before Brown, but I also love this period.