Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Custom Aurora Model Kit Madness! Superman! Hawkman? Flash? Green Lantern?

Before the days of the internet, and before such firms as DC Direct began giving us action figures of every cavorting character under the sun, there was a little magazine called MODEL AND TOY COLLECTOR. Within it's pulpy pages, fans got the latest buzz on upcoming toy lines, figures, industry insiders, and more, such as this fabulous feature on fan customizers! Dig these pics (from a 1988 MTC ish) of rabid fans working hard to make their own 3-D images of the Flash, Hawkman, Electro, and other obscure heroes and villains! Only a handful of vintage Aurora model kits were available for such use, and many customizers added a great deal of extra materials to these figures, but all are quite well-made and exciting! I'm also a figure customizer, so click here to see some of my own attempts! Click to enlarge, model-maniacs!

Customizing a kit meant more than just applying a new paint job! Kits had to
be sanded, parts deleted and added, and, in some cases,
new sculpting was needed!

You can see that fans used the Aurora SUPERMAN kit, as well as BATMAN, HULK, and others!

The SUPERMAN Aurora model kit,
used by the majority of the
customizers seen above!

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