Saturday, January 7, 2012

CAPTAIN AMERICA-Not in America?! See Overseas CAP Movie Posters! Marvel!

Just for fun, take a good gander at these very handsome overseas posters for the recent CAPTAIN AMERICA film! Notice how the designers used not only Cap, but also such supporting characters as Bucky, Red Skull, and even some of the "Howlers!" Interesting composition and graphics all around, all used to hype this fun Marvel movie! Click here to see a great and fun fan-made early poster, too! Click to enlarge images below, shield-slingers!


Matt said...

It is rather interesting to see these oversea posters that could have been equally used to possibly promote the First Avenger here in the states. I especially love the lower right one with the classic Kirby homage to the first issue some (seventy three?,years ago. By the way I'm sure you were aware of the few countries that changed the film's name even before it was released originally here in the states even?

Al Bigley said...


Right! And this isn't even getting into any re-worked images used for domestic and overseas DVDs, posters, toys, etc.!

And, yes, I did know they lopped off the "America" references for some foreign markets...Very odd!