Monday, January 9, 2012

BATMAN 1966 TV Show! RETURN TO THE BATCAVE! Catwomen Strike Back in 2011! DC Comics!

A whole potpourri of Bat-items this time around, all connected to the breathtaking BATMAN 1966 ABC-TV show! First up: A great overseas TV WEEK publication, with a fab behind-the-scenes (literally) pic of Adam West ("Batman") and Burt Ward ("Robin")! Click all to enlarge!

Below: Various on-set candid shots, taken during the filming of BATMAN!

Burt Ward and Adam West rehearse a scene
on the "Batcave" set! Is that a lighting 
umbrella/hood, or is the Penguin
set to strike?

Adam West always took time to chat
with female actors on the set of BATMAN!

Adam West always took time to chat
with small visitors to the set of BATMAN!
Framing a shot on the "Batcave" set!
 Did Batman forget his trunks?!
A publicity shot involving the first, early
"BatCycle" design! Used in an early episode
in an outdoor scene, the producers
brought the bike to the "BatCave"
set just for this pic!

Now our hero has lost his cape,
mask, gloves, belt, and trunks!
Holy indecent exposure!

Below: The actual "Robin" costume, worn by actor Jason Marsden for the 2003 TV movie, RETURN TO THE BATCAVE! This was a fun film that depicted the glory days (thru some loopy and fast-moving flashbacks) of creating the BATMAN series!

The costume is seen here in
a Florida frame shop, ready
to be put into a customized,
framed display!

Let's wrap up with this recent STAR magazine piece on the '66 series' two Catwomen, Julie Newmar and Lee Meriwether! Of course, Julie embodied the role in the first two seasons of the series, while Lee portrayed the Catwoman only in the 1966 BATMAN theatrical movie...Both lovely ladies are still going strong!

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