Friday, January 13, 2012

1977 INCREDIBLE HULK Pilot Movie! One Fan's Review! Marvel Comics!

If you recall the late-70s onslaught of Marvel TV movies (due to network and studio heads green-lighting anything even remotely like the highly successful STAR WARS), you also remember the (usually) bad reviews the films received from such "mainstream" outlets like TV GUIDE. But, what about in the fan press? What did long-time HULK readers think of ol' Greenskin's televised tantrums? Wonder no more! Below is a great '77 review by one fan (using a then-topical pseudonym), from an issue of the late and lamented COMIC READER fanzine! The review is dead-on, with most hardcore HULK fans pondering what happened to the gamma bomb, General Ross, and other super-powered staples from the (then 15-year old) comics series! Click to enlarge!

At the time, it was a rarity to see a DC
character drawn by long-time Marvel artist
Jim Starlin! Jim would later work for DC
in the 80s and beyond!

The "extreme" make-up for the Hulk
(as mentioned in the above article) would
later be toned down, once the
series began filming!

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