Monday, December 26, 2011

The Thing Meets--JIMMY CARTER?! MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE # 27 Original Cover Art!

From the ComicArtFans site, comes one of the iconic covers of the Bronze Age! Here is the original art to the front of MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE #27! What more could any Marvel maven ask for? The Thing (star of this long-running team-up mag)! Human Torch! Mr. Fantastic! Invisible Girl! Deathlok! And--President Jimmy Carter?! Yep! Sorta. Not wanting to risk the health and life of the then-prez, the FF decide to call in old shape-changing friend/foe, the impish Impossible Man, to impersonate the peanut farmer-in-chief! Even Nick Fury guested in this issue! And to top that off, this crammed cover is by Jack Kirby and Joe SinnottMore ya want?! Click to enlarge!

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