Friday, December 2, 2011

The Tale of Two PETER PARKER Covers? 1976 SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN Marvel Mystery!

What's this?! Two versions of the captivatin' cover to the debut issue of PETER PARKER-THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN?! All true, believer! Take a glance below, and see for yourself! The cover image on the left was scanned from the "Marvel Bullpen Bulletins" pages of the December, 1976 Marvel titles, in a blurb announcing the new Spidey-centered comic! The cover on the right is the finished, actual cover! Why the changes? Was it decided that the original sported too many word balloons, leaving little room for the "collector's item" hype? Were the figures of Mary Jane Watson and her escort, "Flash" Thompson, deemed too large and attention-grabbing? Or, was that first take only a patched-up image, cobbled together quickly to meet the looming deadline? What's your opinion? Click to enlarge!


Nick Caputo said...


It looks like the word baloons were eliminated and copy added so that they could emphasize the fact that this was a new Spidey comic, an "event", instead of business as usual. Cover copy, along with artwork, was often altered before final publication, and Stan paid particular attention to how the finished cover would look.

maw maw said...

The protest signs (lower right) in the final version are a nice touch.