Thursday, December 8, 2011

Off-Model Madness! 1966 Ben Cooper IRON MAN Halloween Costume! Marvel Comics!

Hoo Boy! Take a glance at this howl-inducing Halloween costume from the Silver Age of 1966! Manufactured by the once-ubiquitous Ben Cooper firm (main provider of flame-retardant kid's costumes in the the 60s and 70s), this live version of Iron Man isn't exactly picture-perfect! Sure, the company was more concerned with adding eye-catching, fluorescent safety colors and logos, but ol' Shellhead never looked more peculiar! The colors and mask (note the appearance of a "nose," 9 years before the comics gave him one) are sorta there, but the odd chest area, and drawn-on skinny legs?! Huh? Even the box is a reminder of the days before carefully-controlled corporate nit-picking! Iron Man is flanked by odd patches of off-model art featuring characters from competitor DC Comics, and--Disney's Mary Poppins?! Today, of course, kids (and adults) have an incredible selection of more accurate and detailed superhero outfits to choose from, but back in the day...Click to enlarge!

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Rick said...

It appears to be the same design used on their Mr. Fantastic costume. And how OLD are those images of Superman and The Spectre?