Wednesday, December 21, 2011

HULK # 208! Another Look! Dave Cockrum Original Comic Art! Marvel!

We've already featured the colossal cover to 1977's INCREDIBLE HULK # 208 here, but can you take another block-busting post about this powerful image, one that was originally drawn by Marie Severin? Brace yourself, because we've unearthed the rambunctious original cover art, drawn by none other than dynamite Dave Cockrum! Dave, of course, was a very prolific Marvel and DC artist in the 70s and 80s, headlining the famous return of the X-MEN that brought that team back into favored fan-fave status! Dave's version seems to have better "camera" position and overall composition, with more drama, and a more intense feeling of speed and danger! But, the Hulk seems to be covered and "closed" in his pose! Could that be the reason for this piece's initial rejection?! Thanks to Ferran Delgado's amazing site for this piece! Click to enlarge!

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