Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy THORSday! Rare John Buscema THOR Sketches! Marvel Comics!

Wow! It's very well know among comic art fans that "big" John Buscema loved to pencil tons of "warm-up" sketches and such on the backs of his comics pages! Take a gander at these wonderfully loose and lively sketches he did of that ol' Asgardian hammer-tosser himself, the Mighty Thor! John had a real knack for action anatomy, expression, movement, and drama, and these seemingly simple sketches prove that fact! John, of course, had a lengthy run on the THOR comic for Marvel in the 70s, before taking full artistic reign on their CONAN book! A proper fit, as Buscema always had a real dislike for the straight superhero-themed books, preferring the more organic, ancient barbarian types to draw! Click to enlarge!

Below: John Buscema himself, circa 1975, in the Marvel Comics offices!

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