Friday, December 16, 2011

Don't Get Sore! Be THOR! 1966 Ben Cooper Halloween Costume! Marvel Comics!

Here we go again with another laughable look at a Silver Age comic book costume! This time around, it's the less-than-marvelous Mighty THOR outfit, from 1966! Like the Iron Man Halloween gear, this take (by the ubiquitous Ben Cooper firm) on the Thunder God doesn't even come close to resembling his comic counterpart, but is, in its own way, an appealing take on the character! The mask is not bad, taking its cue from the then-concurrent THOR cartoon in the MARVEL SUPERHEROES show, but the body suit is something else entirely! Thor's famous chest "buttons" now sport images of him in action, and, of course, his logo! And, once again, unheroic and spindly legs are drawn on the actual pants! Hey, at least they threw in a cape, right? But--no hammer?! Click to enlarge!

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