Tuesday, December 6, 2011

BATMAN! The 1966 ABC-TV Show! Adam West! Yvonne Craig! Cancellation! DC Comics!

POW! More incredible tidbits from the mid-60s TV juggernaut, BATMAN! Click each to enlarge! Below, left: Adam West, "Batman" himself, in a pensive mood in the Batcave, between takes! Below, right: An actual used "utility belt" prop from the series, later signed by cast members! 

Below, left: Adam with a shapely set visitor, once again, generously giving his time between shooting scenes! Below, right: Burt Ward ("Robin"), in a colorful pop-art publicity still!
Below, left: Yvonne Craig as "Batgirl" helps out an attacked Bruce Wayne, as the staff and crew set up and "slate" the shot!  Below, right: Burt Ward goes over lines near the Batmobile, before the cameras roll!

Below, left: A rare newspaper clipping detailing the 3rd season 1968 episode, "Catwoman's Dressed to Kill," starring the exotic Eartha Kitt (stepping into Julie Newmar's famed purr-fected pussycat part)! Below, right: An article announcing the (gasp) cancellation of the campy 3-year sensational series! Holy Nielsen ratings!

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