Sunday, November 13, 2011

Spectacular 70s Sunday SPIDER-MAN Strip! Spidey Makes The Call! 1977 Marvel Magnificence!

What made the Marvel Comics writing of Stan Lee so memorable was his little "slice-of-life" scenarios, such as we see in this '77 SPIDEY strip installment! The wondrous wall-crawler has to frantically fish for change (no pockets in that outfit, right?) in order to make a frenzied phone call to dear old Aunt May! Is the hero heralded and applauded for his many years of life-and-limb saving antics? Nope! Jaded crowds shun and shirk his oddball behavior, as they skulk away from the misunderstood superhero, who, thanks to their indifference, may even be contemplating joining his long-time foe! This kind of scene was never depicted finer that here, with art by the incredible John Romita Sr.! Click to enlarge, web-slingers!

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