Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Secret (Identities) of Superman's Fortress of Super-Solitude?! DC Comics!

Wow. Take a look at these panels from a 1950s tale of Superman, and his famed Fortress of Solitude. Superman is supposed to possess super-recall and super-memory skills, so why have realistic statues (fully dressed, no less) of his closest loved ones and associates standing around for any intruder to glom? If super-memory is no good, why not use advanced Kryptonian technology to put such images on 3-D holographic discs or such? And, most importantly for the safekeeping of his pal's secret identities and well-being, why not get rid of the signs that clearly state each pal's secret identity?!? No. It's better that the Man of Steel use his precious free time (what--no earthquakes or mudslides occurring anywhere in the world?) to install elaborate alarms that destroy the statues and signs? Ahh, gotta love the old stories! Click to enlarge!

And, is it just me, or does it seem sorta morbid that Superman needs and wants statues of his friends in his "man cave?"  It's as if he knows he'll outlive them, and one day need such a sober reminder of them in his life...

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