Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Pog?! On THIS Blog?! Mid-90s Unseen MARVEL Pog Art by Mike Allred!

Remember pogs? Me neither. But, for a brief and greedy period in the mid-90s (was there any other kind in the collectible world, then?) these small, round, milk-cap related little buggers were the hottest thing. At least the manufacturers told us so! Some good things came from the brief pog craze tho, as evidenced below! These are some swell Silver-Age inspired drawings by MADMAN creator Mike Allred, for a bunch of never-produced Marvel pogs! Mike channeled a direct 60s vibe for these fabulous illos of the Fantastic Four and their main malevolent mook, Dr. Doom! Mike, of course, went on to drawn tons of great books and projects, including a similar Silver-Age savvy run on Marvel's own oddball book, X-STATIX, the only time I ever bought that title! Click image below to enlarge!

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Sherry T said...

I remember pogs!!! love them