Monday, November 21, 2011

The Monkees--in the 70s?! Remembering "Dolenz, Jones, Boyce and Hart!"

Most fans know that the Monkees dominated charts and hearts from 1966 to 1970, but didja know that diminutive Davy Jones and madcap Micky Dolenz teamed with main Monkees (and many other groups) songwriters Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart in 1976? The new band, called Dolenz, Jones, Boyce and Hart (sometimes even referred to, blasphemously, as "the New Monkees") toured fairs, clubs, amusement parks, and other venues, riding high due to the MONKEES shows being re-run then as afternoon syndicated TV fare! An all-new LP resulted, even a live performance album being released in Japan! A forward-thinking new syndicated TV special was even produced, seen in many US markets! Alas, all this wasn't enough to keep the nostalgia-fueled fire burning, and the group disbanded, leaving only Micky and Davy to soldier on till about 1978 as a touring duo. Flash-forward 8 years, and the guys were back, along with Peter Tork, as MTV's 1986 Monkees revival touched off another bout of rampant Monkeemania! Click images to enlarge!

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Mark Kleiner said...

Thank you, Al. Classic shots.
I have been working on a DJB&H book for the past couple years. I am still working on it and will keep you posted