Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Kingpin Strikes Again! SPIDEY SUPER STORIES Original Cover Art! John Romita Sr.!

Altho sometimes dismissed as a "kiddie comic," the first few years of SPIDEY SUPER STORIES featured some of John Romita's best Spider-Man art! JRSR not only drew the front cover scenes for SSS, but also many back cover and poster images, for the mag that encouraged reading skill development among young readers (with the help from the PBS show, THE ELECTRIC COMPANY)! This image is from SSS #18, from 1976! Note the minor changes that were made from original art to published cover! The elimination of the background room interior now makes this sensational scene a symbolic one, with the Kingpin no longer cruelly crushing a mere model of the city, but a visual representation of the real thing! Are those the Twin Towers he's taking down?! Yikes! Click to enlarge!

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