Thursday, November 24, 2011

Keep on FOOMin'! 1976 John Romita Sr. CAPTAIN AMERICA Cover! Marvel!

From the days of Marvel's own in-house promo mag, FOOM, here comes a terrific 1976 cover by all-time great, John Romita, Sr. (with inks by mighty Mike Esposito)! It's Captain America, and his WW2 fighting friend, Bucky, in blazing battle action against a gaggle of Nazi goose-steppers! FOOM was a magazine of news, unseen and early art and info, premiums, even including mirror-shattering pics of the actual Marvel creators (years before the internet, folks), and convention action! The mag was available by subscription (directly from Marvel) for about 5 years, and is still fondly recalled by fans today! Click to enlarge!

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