Wednesday, November 16, 2011

JIMMY OLSEN or "Ultra Olsen?!" 1972 Nick Cardy Original Cover Art! DC Comics!

Another superb Nick Cardy-drawn cover, from the early 70s! Nick was creating tons of eye-catching and exciting cover scenes for DC at this time, and here is his awe-inspiring take on good ol' Superman and his pesky pal, Jimmy Olsen! This was an odd period for the OLSEN book, coming right after Jack Kirby's famous (but relatively short) run on the comic, making it a hub for his many off-shoot books, such as FOREVER PEOPLE, NEW GODS, and others! Soon after this issue was published, JO (and the long-running LOIS LANE comic) would be cancelled, to be included in the SUPERMAN FAMILY anthology comic book! Dig the note to DC colorist and production maven Jack Adler (cousin to radio personality Howard Stern)! Click image to enlarge!

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