Thursday, November 10, 2011

BATMAN! The 1966 TV Show! More Pics and Updates! Catwoman Speaks! Riddler Reviewed!

That's right! more fabulous pics, clips, and awe-inspiring articles focusing on the BATMAN 1966-68 ABC-TV series! First up (below): A NEW piece on Julie Newmar ("Catwoman") and her brand-new book! 

Below, left and right: Adam West rests between takes on (and off) the set of BATMAN! Check out that complex BatCave set!

Below, left: Adam West and Burt Ward ("Robin") rehearse and go over "blocking" for an upcoming scene to be filmed! The Penguin has forgotten his umbrellas, and Adam has done the same with his utility belt! Below, right: the original TV GUIDE "close-up" for the debut episode of BATMAN, from January 1966!

Below, left: A super-rare fanzine review of the BATMAN series, complete with remarks from the riotous Riddler, Frank Gorshin! Read about how Frank came up with his memorable motivations, inner workings, and the lunatic laugh for the Prince of Puzzlers! Below, right: A 1970s personal appearance pic of a lucky fan and Burt Ward, in his Robin outfit! Click each image to enlarge!

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