Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Stamp Out Marvel Comics! 1976 Marvel Stamps Order Forms! Thor! Hulk!

Back in the early, stumbling, fumbling days of this very blog, we covered the frankly fabulous 1976 DC and Marvel Comics stamps sets here. But, now, feast your eyes on the chaotic and colorful order form that came packaged in each set! You could order custom "blocks" of your fave stamps and characters, even the nice gold-foil sets! A nice overview of the magnificent Marvel sets can be seen on the forms! Notice how the manufacturer even used a coupon to get you to order more sets! The bad part of that deal? You had to deface the front of each power-packed package to use said coupon! Imagine desecrating those great masterworks by Neal Adams, Gene Colan, John Romita, Sr., Herb Trimpe, and Dick Giordano! These high-quality embossed stamps were a very unique attempt to cross-breed two collector groups: the rabid comic fans and detail-oriented stamp collectors! I never ordered the stamps sets from the comic book ads, but acquired all the sets from a "five-and-dime" store near Pinehurst, North Carolina, in 1977! My 7th grade school book covers were never the same! Click to enlarge images below, philatelists!

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