Saturday, October 1, 2011

Rare MARVEL MASTERWORKS 1986 Spider-Man Ad! Marvel Comics!

Here is a cool and whimsical ad from 1986, heralding the coming of a series of nice (but high-dollar) reprints of the early days of Marvel Comics, MARVEL MASTERWORKS! These colorful volumes re-presented early issues of SPIDER-MAN (natch!), CAPTAIN AMERICA, THOR, FANTASTIC FOUR, HULK, and the rest of the nascent and new superheroes from the Stan Lee stable! Marvel took a classy and unusual tact with this ad, using a live-action "Spider-Man," to lend an air of class and erudite excitement to the campaign! It sure worked, as the MASTERWORK volumes are still going strong today (even reaching back to their "Golden Age" material from the 40s and 50s), just take  a look here! Click image below to enlarge! 

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