Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rare 1972 Nick Cardy SUPERBOY Original Cover Art! DC Comics!

What more can be said about DC Comics' main cover maven, Nick Cardy? He designed and drew hundreds of covers for DC in the early 70s, each one a mini-masterpiece of mood, composition, and drama! From superheroes to romance, horror to western, Nick turned in a home-run cover for every book, every time! His work even appeared on a great deal of comics-related merchandise! Note, on this SUPERBOY # 184 cover, how he sets up the "split" composition,between the main hero and his evil double, with the source of his woes (and her evil instrument) smack dab in the center! A real attention-grabber! This original art sold for a handsome $2,250 during recent eBay auction action! Click to enlarge!


pete doree said...

For some reason, Nick was the only artist who could ever draw teenagers that actually looked liked teenagers. Imagine what he would've done with the Legion?!

Al Bigley said...

Right! He had a knack for depicting all kinds of folks, young and old, heavy, fit, mean, angry, happy...

Thanks for the comment!

Al Bigley