Wednesday, October 12, 2011

MAD's Jack Davis Draws--The Monkees?! 1966 Paperback Book! Davy Jones!

The great artist and caricaturist Jack Davis has drawn about anything and everyone, during his long stint as not only one of MAD magazine's main artists, but in his work illustrating record album covers, toys, posters, books, comics, ads, and paperback book covers and interiors! Which brings us to this gem--LOVE LETTERS TO THE MONKEES, a 1966 Signet paperback, published to capitalize on the then-burgeoning Monkeemania boom taking over the world! You can tell Jack was given only a few stills of the group, but managed to capture the Monkees' look, personalities, and frantic feel! Lots of fun, and the actual fan letters are a real scream, too! FUN FACT: Famed Marvel Comics artist Jack Kirby drew the Monkees once, too! See it here! Click images below to enlarge! And, no, I have no idea who "Beth Eakes" is or was!

Below: Notice Jack's MONKEES work that was used for the initial NBC ads, concert appearances, and other publicity purposes!

Want to see the similar FAN'S FUNNIEST LETTERS TO BATMAN book? Just click here!

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