Monday, October 31, 2011

Fabulous Silver Age Artist Frank Robbins--Trapped in a "Claw" Vending Machine?!

It just can't be--or can it?! Famed Golden and Silver (and even Bronze) age artist Frank Robbins seen inside an air-tight "claw machine?!" Well, his artwork was, certainly! Dig these pics of a swell and super-snazzy new pillow, sporting the mind-bending FR art from the front of GIANT-SIZE INVADERS #1, from 1975! It does my Bronze Age heart good to see such classic art cropping up on modern shirtsroom dressings, and toys! A nice contrast to today's angst-ridden, over-baked comic sketches! There is just no end to the amount of odd items you can get in these machines! Click to enlarge!

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Rick said...

I agree, Al. I,too, love to see any Silver or Bronze Age artwork used on Marvel merchandise. The new super-slick style book stuff they use now does not speak to me in the least.