Wednesday, October 26, 2011

1971 SPIDER-MAN Cover Art and Roughs! Marie Severin! Gil Kane! Marvel Madness!

Face Front! Another titanic piece of Marvel history unveiled! Here are the roughs and finished cover illos for the memorable front of SPIDER-MAN # 96! The rough layouts, below left, are by master designer Marie Severin, with the finished inked art (center) by Gil Kane! This issue is also noted for being published without the then-ubiquitous "Comics Code Authority" seal (usually seen in the upper right corner of each cover), since it featured a daring focus on drug use and its ill effects on the urban community. Publisher Stan Lee forged ahead without Code approval, since he believed the message was more important than decades-old rules! He was rightfully heralded for this move, too! Click images to enlarge!

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