Saturday, October 8, 2011

1968 Marvel Painted Covers! Captain America! The Avengers! Silver Age Love!

Take a good gander at these two titanic covers from the late 60s! Marvel Comics and their captivating characters were in full bloom then, capturing the attention of everyone, as they branched out to appear as or on best-selling toys, shirts, cartoon shows, fan clubs, posters, figures, and even paperback novels! These two covers are great examples of rare superhero painted art (now ubiquitous) from the day! The CAPTAIN AMERICA cover is (possibly) by artist Mitchell Hooks, and depicts Cap as sorta a cross between James Bond and a standard superhero! The AVENGERS novel cover was believed to have been created by artist Robert McGinnis, and showcases a ton of oddball Marvel heroes, many of whom had already departed from the group by 1968! That novel was also penned by long-time DC Comics (Marvel's rival) author, Otto Binder, best known for his scripts on the SHAZAM (Captain Marvel) comics! Wouldn't both images make great t-shirts or posters? Click to enlarge!


Anonymous said...

For years, I thought the Captain America covers was painted by James Bama. I guess I'm mistaken. Thanks for printing those covers, though. My copies are buried away.

Joe Jusko said...

The Cap cover is by Mitchell Hooks. Two rare gems I've had in my collection for years. Nice post!

superflash said...

I remember seeing the Cap cover on a paperback spinner rack in a 7-Eleven and thought I was dreaming. Have two enlarged color copies of it framed in two different rooms.