Thursday, September 29, 2011

Superman Turns 50! In 1988! Rare TV GUIDE Article! DC Comics! Chris Reeve!

Hard to believe there was a time (and quite recently, too) that you could only enjoy an small smattering of SUPERMAN movies and features on home video! But, take a look at this 1988 article from TV GUIDE! The Chris Reeve SUPERMAN films were, of course, easily available, but you could only get a puny selection of other Superman video offerings (such as the 1940s serials) in home video formats! Now, any Super-fan can acquire the many animated Super-series, TV shows, specials, syndicated series, even made-for-DVD films, in a wide variety of playable formats! This article ties in to the Man of Steel's 50th birthday, from 1988, that also saw coverage in TIME magazine, NEWSWEEK,and a million other mainstream news sources! Click to enlarge!

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