Friday, September 23, 2011

Recalling BATMAN RETURNS! 1992 Articles and Oddities! Catwoman! DC Comics!

Can ya believe it'll soon be 20 years since the release of BATMAN RETURNS, the grim and moody sequel to 1989's record-breaking BATMAN film? Marking memorable Michael Keaton's final outing as the Dark Knight (leaving before filming began on the next movie in the franchise, BATMAN FOREVER), this film also gave us a new cinematic Penguin and Catwoman, both filtered thru director Tim Burton's dark and gothic movie lens! Click below to read a great 1997 (five years later!) review of the film from the COMICS BUYER'S GUIDE newszine, as well as a rare theatre promotional BR give-away! Click to enlarge!

Below, left: rare promotional poster for BATMAN RETURNS, detailing the sleek and newly-modified costume worn by Keaton in the second film outing. Below, right: a peek behind the scenes of BR, as director Tim Burton directs Michael Keaton (Batman) and Michele Pfeiffer (Catwoman) during their pivotal rooftop battle scene!

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Kid said...

20 years? You're kidding me? Surely it was only about 4 or 5 years back at the very most? (Seems like it to me, but I'm getting on a bit.)