Friday, September 16, 2011

Rare Monkees 1969 HEAD Movie Review! Michael Nesmith! Peter Tork! Rare Pics!

Can you dig it?! Here is a super-rare review of the Monkees' 1968 madcap movie, HEAD! Appearing in a 1969 EYE MAGAZINE, this not-so-nice review demonstrates that at least some fans and reviewers actually saw this short-run flick back during its first movie-house run! Not an easy film to watch and interpret, HEAD remains highly controversial (but much more warmly welcomed) today! Click images to enlarge!

BELOW: A rare 16 MAGAZINE pin-up, depicting some cut scenes from HEAD! The snipped scenario involved Micky, Davy, Mike, and Peter observing themselves in odd fun-house mirrors, and seeing their "true selves" reflected back! Davy as an early movie romeo (like Rudy Valentino), Mike as the country-western star, Micky as the prancing fool satyr, and Peter as the always prat-falling clown/dummy! Click to enlarge!

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