Saturday, September 17, 2011

Rare 1969 EYE MAGAZINE Marvel Comics Article! Stan Lee! Jack Kirby! Silver Age Sweetness!

Yesterday's blog entry saw me post a review of the '68 Monkees movie, HEAD! Now, from the same 1969 issue of EYE MAGAZINE, comes this fabulous overview of Marvel Comics! "Mighty" Marvel was at its peak of Silver Age creativity during this time, with great books and characters birthing from every corner, and writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby (altho he was soon to split for DC Comics) at the height of their powers! It was also a period of new blood entering the firm, with such bright lights as Barrry Smith, Herb Trimpe, Jim Steranko, and other captivating creators coming aboard! This rare article captures a nice snapshot of Marvel,and the pop culture, at the time, in a period where superhero comics were struggling in the post-BATMAN TV show wake! FUN FACT: This EYE issue came with a tiny, odd-sized reprint of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN # 42! Click to enlarge!

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RAB said...

My parents bought this issue back in the day; I remember reading the minicomic and I'm sure I must have looked at this article as well, but its contents didn't stick in my memory at all. Neither did that groovy collage taken from contemporaneous cover art. Many thanks for the instant nostalgia trip!