Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Not Lou Ferrigno?! Who is--"The Universal Studios Hulk!?" Marvel Comics Mayhem!

As seen in yesterday's blog post, Lou Ferrigno said there could never be a real replacement for him as the live-action Hulk, based on his own unique body type. He also made references to a "Universal Hulk," bringing us to the man you're about to meet! In the late 70s, the Universal Studios offered tourists and visitors a tour of the studios and back-lots, and often had some of their film and movie characters make sudden appearances for the benefit of the camera-laden fans! Here (from a 1979 British HULK annual) is the tale of another actor (anybody out there know his name?) who portrayed the Hulk during those studio tours! As you can see, he is not in any danger of being mistaken for Lou! But--what's with that odd Hulk doll that both men are seen playing with in these pics? Click to enlarge images below, Hulk-o-philes!

BONUS: Click below for some rare TV GUIDE ads for the 1988 HULK reunion film, RETURN OF THE INCREDIBLE HULK and 1989's TRIAL OF THE INCREDIBLE HULK! Click here to see some vintage 1978 HULK TV ads from TV GUIDE!

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