Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Lou Ferrigno Story! "The Hulk Has Feelings!" 1978 Marvel Comics' TV Sensation!

Another great 1978 mag article on the cast of TV's THE INCREDIBLE HULK show! Read all about bodybuilder Lou Ferrigno's struggle to overcome many obstacles and hardships, to become a well-known actor and muscleman and athlete! Of course, the HULK show is fully covered, including Lou's ability to make the not-so-jolly green giant more than just a snarling beast, as well as his asking the HULK producers for more money, and the surprising results of said request! Click here to see a pic of Manny Perry, the actor who almost became the "new Hulk!" Stay tuned to this very bog for more info on the other "Universal Hulk" that Lou briefly mentions in this article! Click to enlarge!


bookman187 said...

I met Lou Ferrigno at Wizard World in Philadelphia. I stood in his photo line with my son and his friend. When it got to be our turn, all we wanted to do was say howdy, shake his hand, and tell him how much we liked him in King of Queens. We didn't want to buy a picture. He was very nice and I would say actually lite-up when we mentioned King of Queens. I do remember when we shook hands, how his hand made my hand disappear. He seemed to be just a real nice person.

Al Bigley said...

Great to hear!

Lou always seems to make time for his fans! I've met him a few times, even giving him a file of some of the HULK items you've seen here! He was very appreciative!

Al Bigley