Monday, September 12, 2011

John Romita Sr. Art Rarities! Captain America! Falcon! Batman?! Marvel Comics!

It's no secret how much I adore the stellar art of John Romita Sr.! Below are some oddball and rare items from the creative hand of JRSR, starting with a great close-up look at a page from 1972's CAPTAIN AMERICA # 145! Johnny used blue pencil to lay out his art, before inking, so that he'd save time by not having to erase his pencils! The blue pencil lines didn't show when the page was stated and copied for printing, in those pre-computer days! Impeccable!

Above: It's John's original early-70s marker sketch design for the
Falcon's 2nd costume! Thanks to Heritage Auctions for this one!

 Next is a great fully-shaded image of a sinister and svelte Count, ready to pounce on an unsuspecting young lady, no doubt! Notice John's mastery of form, texture, gradation, chiaroscuro (light and dark contrast), and composition on this one! Done for an early 70s Marvel "gothic romance" comic tale?

 Last is a fabulous "sketchcard" featuring JRSR trying his hand at drawing--Batman?! Yep! Done for a frantic fan, here is Spider-Man's main artist drawing the lead superhero from Marvel's Distinguished Competition! Click all to enlarge and enjoy, art lover!

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